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Nizamuddin Station Mosque / Old Delhi,Jama Mosque / Kairana,Shahjahanpur ,Kairana,Bagh-e-Awaam Public Garden Mosque / Hyderabad,Ponda,Haji Ali Mosque

Jama Mosque / Kairana

Nizamuddin Station Mosque / Old Delhi / India

Unknown Mosque / Shahjahanpur / UP

Bagh-e-Awaam Public Garden Mosque / Hyderabad / AP

Jama Mosque / Ponda

Haji Ali Mosque, Bombay, India: The most important mosque in Bombay, India.

This Island mosque/moseleum is 600 yards away from the mainland Bombay.
It is only approachable through narrow low lying causeway under low tides. Its the only link to the mainland Bombay.

Haji Ali at Dawn. A breathtaking view.

White marbled Haji Ali glitteres under clear skies & Arabian Sea.

Haji Ali completely gets cut off from the mainland as high tides engulf
narrow low lying causeway frequently during Monsoon season. Visitors,
partrons & mosque authorities are warned ahead of time by Bombay
authorities but frequently ignored. It dangerously traps thousands of
people in this Island Mosque.

Somemore Jama Mosque, Old Delhi images under foggy delhi weather.


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