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Ahmedabad,TAJ-UL-MOSQUE, Bhopal, M.P,PEARL MOSQUE, Bhopal

Taj-ul-Masaajid / Bhopal; Jama Mosque, Siddi Bashir Mosque / Ahmedabad;

Jama Mosque, Ahmedabad

Siddi Bashir Mosque, Ahmedabad

TAJ-UL-MOSQUE, Bhopal, M.P., India. The Largest Mosque in Central India.

Built in 18th century by Shah Jahen Begum, This is a beautiful
mosque and believed to be the largest mosque in India. Taj-ul-Mosque
came into hot waters of.... UNION CARBIDE....tragedy, the most tragic
industrial disaster ever, that killed more than 5000 Bhopalis when
toxic chemical gas leaked out of the Plant on one faithful night of
december, 1984. This mosque was literally convered into a makeshift
morgue. Mosque also held one of the largest funeral prayer ever with
thousands of bodies in front. When this great mosque was being built
with Glowing Sandstone, little did they know that it will come in handy
& play a vital role in the biggest industrial tragedy of mankind.

Grand Entrance

Mosque still dominates the Bhopal skyline.

PEARL MOSQUE, Bhopal, M.P., India. 2nd Largest in Central India.

Built by Sikander Begum, this is a beautiful Marble mosque & rightly called MOTI MASJID.


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